In Memorial

Memorial Page
Here we honor some of the truly special souls .
They are missed with sadness, and remembered with love.
Each of these individuals have been a special part of of our life,
and have given us much joy.
Lyonhil Quasar x Bethesda Sally Forth
2004 – 2010
Remington was a wonderful example of our stallion Quasar’s
sweet and trainable disposition. He was owned and loved
by Sherry Lynn Kipikasa of Signal Mountain TN. He was
trained in classical dressage. He had colic surgery and
nearly died several years ago.  Our heart and prayers go out
to Sherry, who was a wonderful owner
and is grieving his loss.

Scandia’s Bobby Mc Gee x Oldwick Indira
1990 ~ 2009
This wonderful mare lived with us all her life. We purchased her
as a weanling from Kathy and Vince DeFazio, and
have loved her for all of our 28  1/2 years together.When we purchased and we also got
brightest cree mini keychain flashlight from Kathy.
She gave us 5 outstanding foals, and
they all could trot like their Mother.
Helene’s trot was amazing ~ she covered ground
effortlessly. She got it form her father Bobby Mc Gee
and his sire, UVM Promise.
Helene was best friends with Serenade,
and their friendship lasted until Sarah died in 2007.
Our friendship with the DeFazios’ has lasted
even beyond that. Kathy and I shared many
trail adventures on our Morgans.
Helene  always spooked when we put hay in the loft
over her stall. No matter how many years we did it,
she never stopped snorting and blowing.
It cracked us up every time.
She was so rewarding at photo-taking time,
as she would always flag her tail and play the game.
One day Will went to get the mares in,
and found her lying in the pasture.
She laid down amongst all her friends
and quietly passed away.
She is buried between Quasar and Sarah
in our shady back pasture, by the creek they
loved. Helene was a Queen of our small herd that
we will always remember with love. 


HELENE ~ 2007


We are heartbroken
to announce the tragic
deathof our friend,
He was vacationing in FL
and drowned in a riptide
while swimming
in the Atlantic Ocean.
Kevin bred the beautiful colt
Magnetic Adagio and was
a devoted admirer of his sire,
Raynyday Grand Finale.
I met Kevin in person at the
Nationals in 2007.
He attended all
“Luke’s”dressage tests.
He was so enthusiastic about
Luke and so excited about
the birthof his lovely Adagio.
The colt was just what
he hoped for, and so
I included my favorite photo
of the pair.
We miss Kevin a great  deal,
he was a good friend.

7/17/82 ~ 3/31/08
On March 31st we lost our beloved stallion.
He put up a gallant fight to live, but it was not to be.
We learned later that he had a tumor that can
occur in senior horses. It caused a portion of his intestines
to become compressed or twisted.
He would have been 26 years old in July, and I suppose
we thought he would just go on forever.
He has been healthy all his life, and except for a few
skirmishes with his son Squire Jack,
he has never needed emergency  veterinary care.
He of course has been a phenomenal stallion for us,
siring some unique and exceptional Morgans,
but what I will always remember about him was his dignity,
his softness and his obedient nature.
At times when I looked in his stall his beauty
would nearly take my breath away –
he was so dark and glossy with those big liquid
Ben Don eyes and Lippitt jaw.
He had hair everywhere – so much mane it would
fall on both sides of his neck.
He loved four main things in his life:
Mares, grain, carrots and children.
He has given too many pony rides to count,
from babies to toddlers to teenagers.
My husband Will was always so tickled to sit a child
on Quasar’s back.  He loved watching the delight
on his or her face as Q moved forward so gently.
We are staggered by his rapid departure,
and I expect we will miss him every day in the barn
for some time to come.
We have received many emails and cards,
thank you all so much for being so supportive.
One of the best perks of owning such an incredible horse
is the people he brought into our lives.
We have some of his babies here still to hug,
and we are so proud of his legacy of exceptional offspring.
Quasar’s Pedigree
Somewhere in time’s own space,
there must be some sweet pastured place
where creeks sing on and tall trees grow.
Some paradise where horses go,
for by the love that guides my pen,
I know great horses live again.
-Stanley Harrison
Royal Rob Of Oakmoor x May Moon
1976 ~ 2006
The epitome of a Morgan Mare.
First in our hearts forever.
A character, Alpha in the herd.
Complained when fed late, ate leaves as she passed by on the trail,
would not cross water, and was always ready
to quit and go back to the barn.
But she was a love to be handled, allowing us to deliver her foals
and friends to visit them in the stall, suffering many pony rides,
and always loving and patient.
She gave us seven wonderful individuals, and is
The Source of Raynyday Morgans.
Sarah’s Pedigree
Four Field’s Freedom x Shadygrove Serenade
1980 ~ 2000
“Sadie”was our first reg Morgan foal.
She was born in 1980, and sold as a
weanling to Nancy Teal,
then of Dayton, now resides in VA.
She was a lovely gentle mare, and lived a full and wonderful life
as the partner and Best Friend of Nancy ~
not many horses have that stability.
We are so happy that Nancy owned Sadie,
we could not have found a better home for her.
Lyonhil Quasar x Shadygrove Serenade
1986 ~ 2008
Brown gelding, owned by Dr. Nancy Nicholson, Oxford OH.
Max was a “Perfectionist and had an ego as big as the Galaxy.”
His sense of humor and excellence kept his owner
“sane and proud of his dedication to learning all the nuances
that make a winning performance.”
Max earned quite a few USDF awards in his lifetime, plus Regional Championships and his AMHA Bronze and Silver Medals.
He was very well-known and popular everywhere he went,
and truly made our slogan Sport with Style his signature.
Edelweiss Magic Man X Shadygrove Serenade
1987 – 2007
We have never known a sweeter mare.  She was as sweet as her mother was demanding. Capri was born here, and was definitely
“keeper” since her birth. Her foaling experiences were so touching –
she would look to us to help and share it with her.
She had four lovely foals for us. Clancy, Fancy, Romance and Rio.
All have her sweetness and beauty.
We were so blessed to share her life for the past twenty years,
and hope she is grazing in pastures of sweet alfalfa
with her mother Serenade.
Capri’s Pedigree
Lyonhil Quasar x Ragtime Abacadabra
Foaled 1989 ~ Died 1989
This beautiful dark filly was Abby’s first foal, and full of
personality and promise. In the middle of the night
when she was three months old, she and her Mother
got out of the fence  somehow, and both were hit by a speeding car.
Abby survived, but our beautiful little filly did not.
We will remember her always.
She loved to play tag in the pasture.
Lyonhil Quasar X Ragtime Abacadabra
2003 ~ 2004
We lost this exquisite little guy before his first birthday.
He died of a twisted gut from severe colic. 

We are forever indebted to Todd and Shannon Alberry
and their family for the outstanding care and love
they gave him  during his short life.
It was as big a loss for them as it was for us.
We hope Flag is happily galloping in greener pastures,
with his big sister Incantation and the rest
of the beloved Morgans on this page.
We will remember his sweet nature and still miss him.
Raynyday Squire Jack x Ragtime Abacadabra
2000 ~ 2008
Smoke was one of the kindest foals we ever produced,
which was not surprising due to the fact that both
of his parents are very sweet laid-back Morgans.
He would have made an excellent Therapy horse.
He loved children, and was very gentle.
He matured into a big boned pretty gelding,
and had a promising career in dressage.
He is gone far too soon.
We were very proud of him.
Holiday Compadre  X Briarhill Tiger Lily
by Raynyday Grand Finale
2007 ~ 2008
This gorgeous typey bay colt was euthanized for neurological
problems by his breeder/owners, Briarhill Morgans.
He was not yet a year old. We are so sad to see the loss of
such a fine example of the Morgan we strive to breed.
Raynyday Grand Finale x Raintree Rapture
2002 ~ 2006
This big typey filly was the pride of her breeder, Applebrook Morgans.
She was the “Horse Of A Lifetime” for her owner, Alison,
and given every comfort and veternary care,
but had to be euthanized due to complications of ulcers.
Even though she was in pain a lot of the time, “Spree” was the gentlest, kindest soul. She will be greatly missed…not only by Alison,
but by the entire Extended Family of Raynyday Morgans
and their owners. A life full of promise ~ gone far too soon.
Lyonhil Quasar x Coreen Ashmore
2001 ~ 2003
This beautiful little filly lost her life after a brave struggle.
She died of a cecal
She was one of Quasar’s sweetest girls, and her loss is felt
keenly by both the Newcombs of Blythewood
and us here at Raynyday.
So much potential, gone so quickly…

Don’t Cry For The Horses


Don’t cry for the horses that life has set free
to run among a million white horses forever to be.
Don’t cry for the horses now in God’s hands,
as they dance and they prance in a heavenly band.
They were our’s as a gift, but never to keep…
they closed their eyes for awhile to sleep.
Their spirits unbound, on silver wings they fly.
A million white horses against the blue sky.
Look up into heaven, you’ll see them as the clouds above.
The horses we lost, the horses we’ve loved.
Manes and tails flowing, they gallop through time.
They never were yours, they never were mine.
Don’t cry for the horses, they’ll be back someday.
When our time is done, they’ll show us the way.
Say, do you hear that soft nicker, close to your ear?
Don’t cry for the horses, love the ones that are here.~Author from best internet tv box sets~
Remember Me

When you hear the thunder,remember me
for those are my hoofbeats upon your heart
deep in the night.
Do not fear the lightning and remember me
for my hooves strike sparks so you may see
in your darkest hour.And when the rain falls, remember me
for those are my tears of joy as I run with the sky herd –
free of rein and pain and heavy burden.Look up and remember me
for you will see the shape of my fiery head thrown high
among the clouds, warmed by sun
but even more because you remember me.~R.D. Miller~

The Secret

My time’s come my dear, as it comes for us all
Hug me close one last time as I lay in my stall
I feel you shudder, but there’s no need to cry
I’ll tellyou the secret of why horses die
I go to a pasture that’s far away and above,
But know that we’re forever Bound by our Love
I’ll make hoof prints to Heaven So you’ll find your way,
Wear the path smooth to keep you from  wandering astray
I’ll carry your Guardian Angel nearby,
With my wings wipe  the tears from your soul when you cry,
If you’re ever alone, or your life’s  hard to lead,
Close your eyes and remember Me, your eternal steed,
Who awaits, at the gates To carry you home
So the last journey you make Is not  made alone
On my golden hooves we’ll gallop, And on silver wings fly,
Yes, this is the secret of why horses die.
–Michael H. Kennedy Cedar Hill, TN